Larisa Elisha

“Extraordinary violinist”

Eleonore Schoenfeld

“Dr. Larisa Elisha dazzled the near-capacity audience with her luminous solo work on Dmitri Shostakovich’s Violin Concerto No. 1.
Elisha left the audience slack-jawed in awe with her tour-de-force playing of the cadenza between the concerto’s final two movements. It was heartbreakingly poignant and profound, and Elisha showed she had energy and emotion to spare as she joined after only few measures of rest the symphony to perform the piece’s concluding burlesque movement. […] The ovation that followed was as long and as enthusiastic as any I can recall in White Concert Hall, with part of the reason, I believe, a recognition that this violin virtuoso wasn’t some guest artist flown in for the occasion.”

The Topeka Capital-Journal

“Elisha’s playing was a dazzling display of virtuosic fingering, especially in the final movement’s closing passages. In the Largo, the balance between the orchestra’s pizzicato and Elisha’s soaring tones was beautiful.”

The Lawrence Journal-World

“Most preeminent are concertmaster Larisa Elisha and principal cellist Steven Elisha. Individually and as the Elaris Duo, they have an artistic presence of expanding national proportions. Their performances of the Brahms double concerto for violin and cello was revelatory. […] The Elaris Duo presented a unanimity of phrasing and tonal projection that was stunning in its conception and execution. The synchronicity of the unison passages alone was a marvel. […] The second and third movements were by turns gracious in repose and lively without strain. After a standing ovation, the third movement was reprised, sounding as fresh as before.”

Topeka Capital-Journal

[Elisha] was an engaging soloist, thoughtfully musical and expressive. […] this was an impressive performance, enthusiastically received by the audience.

Topeka Capital-Journal

“It’s great to again feature Larisa as our soloist […] She is such a magnificent musician, and she has such great rapport with the audience. The Brahms is considered one of the best concertos of all time, and I know Larisa will do a superb job with it.”

Maestro John Strickler

“Elisha used her beautiful tone to create swelling dramatic – almost pleading – lines. […] In contrast, the final, pulsating movement featured Elisha with lightning-fast ornamentation.”

Lawrence Journal-World

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